Friday, November 19, 2010


If I was stranded on an Island, I think I would want to be with the smartest person in the world or Bill Gates so he could just have an airplane come and  pick us up. Ha! Just kidding. That is so boring. Okay so if I was stranded on an Island I would want to be with either Rachel my sister, Rachel Potter, Caitlin Lang, my mom, or if I was married, my husband. The 10 items that we would have would probably be:
1. A Book of Mormon
2. Food or ways to get food
3. Water
4. Clothes
5. Shoes
6. Shampoo
7. A tent
8. Paper
9. Pens
10. Endless supplies of chocolate. :)


Becca Dorian said...

I'm so flattered that I made your list of people to be with!!! Of course we both know you'd choose a friend instead. :) But if I did join you, you know you're going to have to add Diet Pepsi to that list of must-haves. Oh and Baked Ruffles.

Becca Dorian said...

Oops, you're still signed in...this is your mom. LOL