Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lastest Movie

The last movie that I watched was Toy Story 3 at Caitlin's house. This movie is amazing. I saw if for the first time this summer with my family while we were in Park City, Utah. I cried the first time I saw it. It is actually really scary! hahaha but it is really cute and funny too :) I also think it is just so clever and genius. When we were watching it, we were talking about how they incorporated parts from the previous Toy Story movies into this last one. Like the garbage man is Sid. And when Lotso, the baby, and Chuckles are riding on the back of a car, it is the pizza planet car. But I love the happy ending to it. It is a good movie and I could watch it many times without getting sick of it. So if anyone hasn't seen it yet, you need to go rent it or buy it, watch it, and fall in love with it!!

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Shari said...

I never noticed that Sid was the garbage man!!!

Awesome movie.