Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Break!

So today is the last day of my Spring Break and I am so sad that it is over! But it was the best spring break ever! I went on a canoe trip with the junior and senior laurels in my stake and that was so fun! It was from Monday-Wednesday and we canoed 11 miles down the Colorado River from the bottom of the Hoover Dam. It was absolutely gorgeous there and I had a great time. I was going to blog about it but it was getting pretty long... so maybe there will be a post about it. Anyways then I came home and Thursday my cousins came! My aunt and uncle came to San Diego with some of their kids and some friends to run a Ragnar relay. The kids stayed with us for 2 days while the parents were running. Now they are all at our house. I got to go shopping and to the beach and now I am super tan :) haha anyways it has been amazing and so much fun and I am most definitely not ready to go back to school. But only 2 more months till SUMMER! okay thats all I wanted to say :) haha

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