Friday, April 29, 2011

My Day Today

So I have some time and I just wanted to tell everyone who reads this about my wonderful day today, in fact my wonderful week! This week was STAR testing at my school (by the way I am done with it for the rest of my life!!) and so all the classes were only 55 minutes. Therefore, I did not have much homework because we didn't even do anything in class! I have also gone running everyday this week except for Wednesday so it has been easier for me to wake up in the morning and seminary wasn't so dreadful. It gets kinda boring sometimes but I still love going. And then today just made it amazing because after my friend Karly and I finished our tests, our teacher said we could leave and if we did leave we had to leave campus. So we did. haha we went to Rite Aid and bought the mini reeses that come in a bag and they aren't wrapped. They are SO much better than normal ones. So we got those and went back to school and sat in her car for an hour. We got really hyper and we were hyper all day and in English we were just being weird and stupid and crazy and it was really fun. And now I am going to go running while my sister is at her art class and then go to Youth Conference!

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Aly Carter said...

that day sounds so good and jolly! i am glad you had an amazing week!!!