Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BYU Idaho

So about 3 weeks ago, actually Friday February 17th was probably the hardest day for me. My friend Shaylee Wilcox who goes to BYU texted me and asked if I got accepted to BYU. I didn't even know they were sending out their acceptances yet! So I hurried and got on the computer to check. When I saw the word DECLINED on that screen I broke down. It still makes me cry just thinking about it. I knew that it would be hard for me to get in, but I prayed and prayed that I could somehow get in. Ever since my first year at EFY where I met Caitlin and we decided we were going to go to BYU together and room together and everything, it was always a dream of mine. But that won't be happening. Not at first at least. But the hardest part of it was just seeing it on the screen, and making it official. It is hard when something in life goes differently than what you imagined and you kind of have to redirect your path!

That is what I am having to do! I feel good about my decision to go to BYU Idaho. I had the choice between going to Idaho or just going to UVU in Orem and living in BYU housing. But I know I am meant to go to Idaho. Things are just kind of playing out for me to go there. I am going to room with my friend Gracie from California. I think it will be such a good experience. And I know a lot of kids from my old stake in California that are going there. I know that I will have a good time and get a good education.

I do not know the reason why I didn't get into BYU, however I do know now that it just wasn't meant to be. Luckily, Rachel Potter was at my house when I found out the sad news and she told me exactly what i needed to hear. She told met that there is a reason I didn't get in and no matter what, everything is going to be okay. I don't know if I will know immediately the reason why I need to go up to Idaho, but in time I will know. I am excited for the new experience and to finally get out of high school.

So remember... if things don't go the way you planned, obviously there is a reason. Everything happens for a reason. Heavenly Father has a set plan for us and we just need to have faith and go with whatever happens :)


Shaylee Wilcox said...

Becc!! I love you soo much. Sorry I had to be the bearer of bad news there :( But I agree with your post! So many wonderful things await you in Idaho, I know you'll have the time of your life. Love you tons girl!

Aly Carter said...

Sometimes the Lord answers our prayers in a MUCH different way than we had hoped for or expected,but he DOES have a plan. and knowing you, only good things will come out of your experience. i love you so much, can't wait to see you soon!!!

Anonymous said...

I got the same feeling when I read "Declined" but I know I'm meant to go to BYU-Idaho too! Thank you for sharing this! :) you are amazing! :) see you at BYU-Idaho!