Friday, February 3, 2012

Rant for the day...

I am going to go on a little rant right now. Today has been such a terrible day. I have been shaking all day because I just feel like crap.

Can I just say that some girls in high school are just so freaking rude sometimes? Here's the story. So I like this guy named Zack.. he is going on a mission soon but we are still good friends and we both like each other. His little sister used to be one of my friends. She completely freaked out when I hung out with him and was texting people about it. Then I go on facebook and I saw a post on this girls wall. It said "We need a good movie night! Ohh and that girl really wants to be you! Same hair cute same guys. What else is next?" The girl whos wall it was on dated him a long time ago. I knew this was about me because the girl who posted it says stuff about me to Zack's little sister all the time. I was talking to my friends about it today and it is all just so stupid. They need to grow up. They do not even know me! They have no right to talk about me the way that they do. They think I am going to keep Zack from going on his mission. But why would I do that to someone I care about? I am not like that. And I am not a skank that will do anything with him to keep him from going. Some people really need to think before they try to purposely create dumb drama... on something or someone they know nothing about. It doesn't make them look or sound cool.

Anyways.. I think that is it. Life is just so crazy right now. But I have such great friends that have helped me so much and told me just to ignore them and stay positive.

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Aly Carter said...

that is soooooooooooooooo annoying i'm sorry!! hang in there girl! <3