Friday, March 16, 2012

Golf season is here!

In Utah, girls golf is in the spring. Which is now! We started practices in the rec center before school like 3 weeks ago and then this week we actually went out and played a few holes. Then yesterday we had our first tournament against the other 5 schools in our region. It was so fun! We left the school on a bus at 9 in the morning because the tournament started at 11 in Salt Lake at a course called Glendale Golf Course. It was a pretty easy course. Not what I am used to playing. It was flat. haha! But super fun :) I ended up playing the best round of 18 holes I have ever played in my life. I took 2nd overall individually with an 82. The girl who beat me shot a 75. I am so excited to be playing golf again. I am really enjoying it and I hope it is a good season! :)

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