Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What I Look For In a Guy

Well there are lots of things that I look for in a guy. The first is to be temple worthy. That is obviously a must because I will be taken to the temple by the love of my life one day and I do not want to date boys that are not temple worthy. I also look for a great sense of humor. He has to be able to make me laugh and make me happy when I am in a bad mood or having a bad day. He also has to be fun and crazy. Someone I can be insane and myself around and he won't care or judge me. I look for kindness and sensitivity and being loving and caring. The guy that I will marry one day will have a strong testimony, have gone on a mission, is crazy, fun, has a good relationship with his parents, is always striving to do what is right, loves me for who I am and doesn't want me to change, is always there for me no matter what, and wants to have lots of children. Because I want lots of children :) When I find that right guy and the one for me, I know I will be the happiest girl ever. I can not wait for that day!


Alyson said...

one baby down, 14 to go ;)

Shari said...

You will find that right guy someday! Make sure you are the 'right' girl for him!