Friday, February 18, 2011

Roller Coaster Ride

My life has definitely got its ups and downs. The last post I posted was about a really bad day.. but a couple days ago I just had a wonderful day! I woke up kinda late and I didn't really care what I looked like so I looked gross. But then I went to school and my history class was okay and then I had a math test which I think I did really well on! Yay! :) Then I went home early and didn't have much homework so I took a nap. A very much needed nap. It was Aly's birthday on Sunday so I went to Petco after my nap to get her a Betta fish because her last one died. By the way, I think Petco is such a fun store! All the animals are so cute! Anyways... haha I went to give Aly her fish then went to the church to carpool with my Young Women's president to mutual which was EFPL and we did speed dating. It was SO much fun!!! I was sitting by Megan Bertha and we were "dating" together so it was both of us with one guy. It was amazing being with her. She is so much fun and we have a good time when we are with each other. I was being weird and just saying weird answers and it was funny. We went on lots of good dates with lots of cute boys. One guy had a flip video and was videotaping all his dates. He was funny. And then I also got a dance lined up for the dance on Saturday night! haha success :) But yeah it was just so fun being with everyone in my stake and all my friends that I rarely ever get to see.

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Aly Carter said...

yayyyyyyyy for happy days :) love you