Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So today was kind of a weird day. I should be doing my homework right now but I really don't want to so I am going to blog! yay! okay so today started out normal. I just went to seminary and then to school. School was boring as usual. I took really good notes in history that I was happy about and understood everything. I love history this year!! It is so interesting. Then I had math and I really do not understand anything we are doing. We are learning matrices. Ugh gross I know. But there is a new student who sits behind me. Her name is Courtney. She is cute. But she ate lunch with Aly, Erin, and I and I think we scared her because we were being really weird and crazy. It was fun though. She told us she really doesn't like our school so far and I think it is because no one talks to new people. Everyone at my school is very stereotypical and it bothers me so much. How hard is it to go up to someone new who doesn't know anyone and say hello? NOT HARD AT ALL! what is wrong with people! Anyways, so after lunch I went home because I don't have a 5th period and I really had to pee when I was driving so I was going way over the speed limit because I just wanted to get home and I was going down a hill and there was a cop standing on the side of the road with his little radar thing checking everyone's speed and I didn't slow down in time and so he pulled me over. I was FREAKING out!! I didn't know what to do! And also something really funny is I was so flustered and scared that as I was pulling over I went over the curb a little bit. How embarrassing!!! So he comes over and my window is broken on my side so I had to open the door and I could tell he was trying not to laugh and he was smiling. But he gave me a ticket and I have to go to traffic school for it. Awesome! Definitely taught me a lesson! I will never be speeding ever again!! Oh and he was really nice and I was really glad he didn't cite me for not having my car registered because he could have! Thank goodness!! So then I went to work later and during work I got a a call from my friend Ethan Kutanzi who lives in Canada! I met him at my first year of EFY and I haven't seen him since then! He called me because he got his mission call today!! And he called to tell me where he is going! He is going to Zimbabwe! I am sooooooo excited and happy for him! He is going to be a great missionary. So I called him back during my break and talked to him for a little bit which was so nice! He is such a fun person. I miss him! But that was pretty much the best part of my day. Wow... crazy. I am so tired and I should get back to finishing my homework so I can go to sleep! :)

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Aly Carter said...

dude zimbabwe that is way cool