Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Elder L. Tom Perry at my Stake Conference!

So last Sunday January 16, 2011 Elder L. Tom Perry came to Stake Conference to speak! It was such a cool experience! It really strengthened my testimony and my appreciation for the gospel and to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So the day before, I told my mom I was going to sit with my friend so that I could actually see him. Because you know we see him every General Conference and I think it is just ridiculous to watch him speak on the T.V. in my church building when he is just down the hall! So I went about an hour early and the chapel was full so I couldn't save seats for my family. But my young women's president had a couple extra seats and I wanted to sit with her but my parents wouldn't let me. They wanted to stay as a family. So I sat with them in our young womens room. I was so upset because I wanted to actually see him speak. But then they let me and Sariah go and sit with my young women's president for his talk. And she was sitting in the front row! Sariah and I rushed in right after the previous talk before his and sat down. After I sat down I looked up and I was sitting directly in front of him. So cool! It was so amazing. He was pretty much talking to and looking at us the whole time. He is truly a servant of God. The whole time I was just looking at him and thinking how strong the spirit was and how he was just glowing. He is an amazing man.  I don't really know how to describe the feeling I felt sitting right there but it was just very powerful and there really are no words to describe it.  Plus he gave an AMAZING talk. He talked about everything! Technology, work, education, fashion, and just everything. It was great and I remember all of it. :) I am so grateful for that great experience! P.S. And he is really very sweet and funny! They all are! I love it :)

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