Thursday, January 20, 2011

15 Facts About Me

1. I love nature! I just love being in beautiful places.
2. I love photography. Taking pictures and looking at great pictures that others have taken.
3. There is 6 kids in my family. I only have 1 brother.
4. I am related to Elder Henry B. Eyring.
5. I am a procrastinator. The QUEEN of procrastinating!
6. I love to dance and go crazy.
7. I played golf for 11 years
8. I want to go to Australia really bad and I am going to go there one day and meet a hot Australian and marry him.
9. I love the cold and being cold!
10. I really like interior design and pretty much anything in design. I like being creative.
11. I love kids.
12. I really like doing service and seeing others happy.
13. I love driving and I drive a stick.
14. I am scared of a lot of things and freak out a lot.
15. I have never been out of the country.

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