Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

I just wanted to tell everyone Merry Christmas! This time of year is really my favorite and it just makes me so happy! I love the music, the decorations, the lights, the parties, giving gifts, and of course celebrating the Saviors birth. At church this past Sunday, my laurel advisor had us read stories of the Savior out of the Bible and it was a really cool lesson. I loved having our Christmas lesson focused on the Savior because I know we all get kind of carried away and sometimes lose sight of what the real meaning of Christmas is. I know I do sometimes. But I just had the greatest feeling when we were having the lesson. It made it really feel like Christmas. My Laurel advisor also gave us a book that is called I Believe in Santa Clause. It is the cutest book. It talks about the similarities between Santa Clause and Jesus Christ. Jesus is Santa. He came(comes) in the night, he wore(wears) red, his beard is white, he brings(continues to bring) us gifts, he loves children. See what I mean? It is amazing :)

One of my family's traditions during this time is to put together gift bags and deliver them to the homeless. We get big Christmas bags and fill them with a blanket, fruit, candy, cookies, toiletries, bread, and water. Then we drive down as a family and look for homeless people to hand them out too. Usually I feel really bad but also good of course doing this because downtown there are a lot of them and they are all together most of the time and so some of them don't get bags. We only put together 6 of them. But this year was amazing. We went down and the first man we came across was putting together his bed for the night. My dad got out and set the bag down by his blankets and the man just looked at him. He was completely shocked that someone would do that for him. He was really confused too. He looked through the bag to see what was inside and was like "wow!.... thank you..." he really didn't even know what to say. He was just a normal man, but had maybe lost his job or something. It was just so sad but made me feel so good to have helped him this Christmas. So we went and gave another man one but he was just waking up when we were leaving so we left him a little surprise:) I love doing that. Anyways, then we drove around some more and come to this one area and there were about 4 on one side so we decided to stop there. My dad got out to give the first man the bag and he was just so happy and excited. He was saying, "JOY TO THE WORLD! GOD BLESS YOU!" and yes i capitalized that because he was pretty much singing it. He was also like "This is the best man in the world right her!" He just kept going on and on. The others were very grateful as well. It made me so extremely grateful for all that I have and that I can be with my family for Christmas. It made me not care about the presents at all because I just cared that people like this were being given what they needed. Some kids won't be getting presents this year. And that just humbles me and I am so thankful for all that I have been truly blessed with.



Rachelizabeth said...

that's a really cool tradition! That's super sweet of you guys! Merry Christmas Becca! Sure love ya!

Becca Dorian said...

I know I really really enjoy it! Merry Christmas to you. Even though its kinda late and I already told you. Sure love ya!!