Thursday, November 24, 2011

Preference 2011

So last weekend was Preference! And it was so much fun! I went with my friend Braedon Cook.

For our day date, we did a video scavenger hunt. We went all around Heber doing crazy and stupid things. For example, we had to shimmy leap off of a fire hidrant(i have no idea how to spell that), decorate a cake at my house, hug a stranger, help someone cross the street, buy french fries and spell your dates name out then eat them as fast as you can, etc. It was way fun. Then we went back to Abby's house and we watched all the videos and ate cake.

Then we all went and got ready, then went to Kaden's house to take a couple pictures. We went to Cafe Galleria for dinner and it was sooo yummy! So after dinner, we went to the dance early so we could take pictures. However, we got kicked out when we got there because we were too early. So we decided to go buy Kisstixx... so funny! Then we took pictures on the bridge and it was freaking cold! But then we finally went to the dance, took pictures, then partied!! I felt like I was at a church dance and they played SO many slow songs. But we decided to leave early and go back to Abby's house to watch a movie. We watch Footloose and then I took Braedon home and went home. It was a really fun night! :)

Here are some pictures:

  ~ Shaylee, Julia, and Melina all came to help us get ready at Whitney's house!! Shaylee did my makeup and Abby did my hair! :)

~Whitney, Abby, and I on the bridge:)

~ Our group! Waiting in the car and deciding what to do to waste time before the dance

~The group at Cafe Galleria!

~The group at Kaden's House!

~ Braedon and I :)

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