Sunday, October 16, 2011

Homecoming Week

Two weeks ago was homecoming week! It was soo fun!! Each day there was some fun activity that I got to participate in.

MONDAY: okay fine not every day. Monday there wasn't anything exciting.

TUESDAY: Thrift Store Tuesday and home Volleyball Game!
This is Anne, Abby, and I at the game! :)
WEDNESDAY: Hawaiian Wednesday and Powderpuff Game!
The Seniors at Powderpuff :) We won!!
THURSDAY: Twin Day Thursday and Bonfire!

Bronwyn, Bri, Dani, Julie, Anne, Me, Abby, Jake, and Lauren at the bonfire! It was so cold and snowing the whole time but it was so fun :)
FRIDAY: Parade and Football Game!

Abby, Whit, Anne, and I at the game :) I am sad we don't have pictures from the parade but it was awesome and we got to get out of school early for it. Oh yeahh! haha :)
SATURDAY: Day Date and Dance!
For the day date we all hiked the Y. It was hard and cold but still fun! 
(Evan, Jaren, Abby, Jeff, Charlie, Colton, Chance, Awnie, Me, Abby, Whitney, Kayla and Anne)
These are the girls! Everyone looked so beautiful :)
Charlie and I :)

Pretty much Homecoming week was the best and we definitely made some great memories :)

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