Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So I got asked to homecoming! YAY! haha :) I love how school dances are such a big deal here. It makes me happy. So I got asked by 2 different guys and obviously I am going with the guy, Charlie, who asked me first but here are the stories:

1. So there is this boy Drake who was apparently going to ask me and the other people in my group didn't want him to be in the group so they were going up to their other friends and  were like "hey wanna ask becca to homecoming?". So one guy named Charlie was like yeah wanna go to homecoming with me? And I totally thought he was joking. So we all went to cross country practice. After practice, my friend Jeff told us to go to the football game and sit in a certain spot. We knew something was up but we did what he told us to. Then we kinda got the idea and they weren't doing anything and I had to leave so we got up to leave. We were just joking so we went back and then Charlie came over and gave me a note that said "Hi my name is Charlz. You seem cool and I would like to get to know you better. P.S. will you go to homecoming with me?" haha we were all laughing so hard! But then the next day he asked me over the announcements and after school when he gave me a basket with Dr. Pepper, pink starbursts, skittles, and chocolate and a note that said will you go to homecoming with me? it was cute!
2. Drake already knew that I got asked but apparently he decided to ask me anyways! On Monday after school, my friends and I left school and went somewhere and while we were gone we get a call from Jeff and he was like get back to the school! Drake did something to Becca's car! So we were like crap... and we sped back to the school! And yep.. he had done something to my car! He put huge boulders and rocks inside my car and behind all the wheels so I couldn't get out and he left a note in my car saying "It would rock if you went to homecoming with me". I can't say yes to him because I am saying yes to Charlie but yeah.

Those are my stories. Pretty exciting.

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Rachelizabeth said...

so super excited for you! hope you have a great time! love ya!