Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Little Miracles Dance!

This past Saturday was the Little Miracles dance at the school! It was a charity dance, and to get into the dance you had to go and buy three things to donate to a childrens hospital. It was such a cool idea. I went with a guy named Todd Ogilvie who is in my ward:) It was a ton of fun! For the day date, we had a huge paint fight. Then we jumped in the lake, went to the hot pots, had pizza, went to the dance for about 30 minutes, then went into the mountains and had a fire! It was just a really good time. And it couldn't have been more perfect of a date. Good way to end senior year :)
 The group! (Me, Todd, Riley, Mckay, Abby, Kyler, Charlie, Paige, Pj, and Abby)
 Todd and I :)
The girls :)

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