Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Big Move

So my parents had been hypothetically talking about moving to Utah. But I never knew it would actually happen, let alone happen so fast! For about a month before we moved we were pretty sure we were moving, however not till August. So I was like okay I will have time to say goodbye to my friends and I will get to enjoy my last summer in San Diego. But that all changed when I got the text from my mom the Tuesday of Girls Camp that it was official and that we would be leaving that upcoming Saturday. I was devastated. The girls that were at girls camp know that I just kind of fell apart. I cried for the next 3 days of camp. I was so overwhelmed because it finally hit me that that week was my last week with those girls in my stake that I have come to love so much! And I just couldn't believe Girls Camp was over for me (it was the highlight of ever summer that I went) and that I would be leaving my friends and starting over so soon. So we got back from girls camp with some of our house packed up. Thursday night my best friend Caitlin had a going away party for me at her house which was lots of fun but just so sad as well! Then on Friday we woke up at 6:30 and started packing up the whole house! So many people came to help with was wonderful because we got to spend time together and it helped the tedious process become easier. Then the next day we were off. I had so many emotions running through my mind.. I just didn't know what to do! I was so sad to be leaving San Diego but excited for a new change. Sunday came around and we finally made it to our rental home that we are in right now.

It has definitely been a HUGE change moving to Utah. We are in Heber City which is very small, but not as small as I thought it would be. However its just so different from San Diego. The people are different that's for sure. We have to drive about 15 minutes to get to Park City which is some civilization but its about 30 minutes to Orem, which we go to alot because they have everything. Its a cool change though because a part of me has always wanted to live in a small town. My cousins live in Mesquite, Nevada and that is a really small town and I absolutely LOVED visiting them because it was so small! We will see how much I love it when the winter comes around.... But I did meet some friends! On the 4th of July we went to a friends family breakfast and I met this lady there who said she had a daughter who was going to be a Junior! So her daughter Anne called me that week and invited me to hang out with her and some of her friends! I had so much fun! Everyone was so nice to me and I felt so comfortable around them. Every person reminded me of all my friends back home.

So its been a little over a week and its still hard adjusting, but it is getting better! :) But anyone who is reading this, please send me letters or text me or call me or anything!! I would love to hear from everyone! :)


Aly Carter said...

i'm in peru but i love and miss you so much you have no idea. i'll call you when i get back babe

Rachelizabeth said...

Becca, I am so proud of you! I know it's been hard, but you've been doing so great with all the changes. I love you so much. We already know that distance can't break us apart, and I'm so glad to have that comfort. you're an amazing example to all. You'll do wonderful in Utah :)

Becca Dorian said...

Aly you better call me! I have soooo much to tell you and talk to you about!! I love you!

Rachel! Thank you so much! That means so much to me. I love you so much!

amy said...

miss you & your family, becca! beach days & church are just not the same without you guys.

Becca Dorian said...

Aww Sister Clark!! I miss your family soo much!! :(